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Pass a simple test and work as a crowdsourced translator. You can build your career by participating in translations from various different fields.
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If you are capable of professional translation, apply to become a Flitto professional translator.
You can translate when you want and set the price for your translations yourself.
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Experience the Flitto app with more convenient features with more convenient features, including text-to-speech conversion, voice reognition, and image-based text recognition.

Flitto Business

Flitto provides business partnerships tailored to the needs of all sorts of different companies,

including mass translation, video/game translation, API interlocking, and text/voice/image data collaboration.

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Language Data
Flitto is building and selling the language data necessary to enhance AI engine capabilities such as parallel translation corpus data, voice data, and image data. The mass corpus built on the Flitto platform is provided with the best quality through examinations from professionals.

Database alliance team:
Corporate Translation
Please contact Flitto if you need help with mass translation including games, videos, and high-end technical documents. Our sales team will contact you in less than two hours.

Corporate translation team:
QR Place
Do you need translation support in multiple languages for places frequented by overseas tourists? Display your place in multiple languages with the Flitto QR Place translation service.

Business development team:
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